Submit Claim

Our focus is to help you get back to normal life as quickly as possible. Each policyholder is very important and the speed and accuracy of the claim process matters. Here's what to do and what to expect in the claims process:

Claim acknowledgement

As soon as we receive your initial claims submission, we pass all the details along to our claims adjuster and assign a claim number. You will then receive an email from Sterling providing your claim number, Adjuster's name and contact information.

Initial contact

After your claim number is issued, you should receive a phone call OR a text message from the Adjuster within 48 hours to the phone number(s) you have provided.

Schedule inspection

Within 72 hours of your notice of loss, the Adjuster will schedule an on-site inspection of the property in question.

On-site inspection

The day of the inspection your adjuster will collect and prepare the necessary information for your loss report.

Loss report and settlement

Some time after the on-site inspection, upon the completion of the loss report, you will be contacted to discuss the loss report and arrange a settlement.